• to give children in rural areas a chance to fly of and realize their dreams








    Betterfly is a platform that helps children acquire the basic skills of education: writing, reading, speaking and arithmetics in an autonomous way and a limited amount of time. After mastering this step, children can pursue the regular school program on our platform which will enable them to reach up to the high school level.

    for a better access to quality education

  • We tend to consider access to education as granted. However these numbers are proof that many children around the world do not have the privilege to attend school to acquire basic skills.

    We need to act and  make access to literacy easier thus democratizing education. Like us, every person on earth has the right to learn. 

    children do not attend school worldwide

    children of primary school-age are failing
    to learn the basics

    teaching positions needed to achieve universal primary education by 2030 

    spent on providing schools and training teachers that have had no positive impact impact on increasing literacy  

    girls and boys respectively  will never attend school

  • Our vision: DIGITAL EDUCATION 

    We believe that the future of education is digital.


    Building schools and providing teachers in rural areas is costly but most importantly hard to achieve especially on a large scale. Thanks to new technologies, we can pass these constraints and provide a better quality of education in such areas.   

    BETTERFLY: we believe  our contribution is a radical change of the world that transforms education  

    Betterfly is a platform that helps children in rural areas learn the basic skills : writing, reading, speaking, arithmetics autonomously and in a limited amount of time.

    The children will then be ready to pursue the regular school program provided on our platform up to the high school level.

    Our platform will be designed for use on tablets. 

    An unprecedented opportunity 

    Betterfly is an opportunity for these children to fly of from their bitter situation in order to improve their daily life. We aim to accompany the platform's users from illiteracy to literacy in the best and easiest way possible. Our challenge is to get these children familiar with the use of new technologies in a very short period of time so they can pursue the path to unlimited access to knowledge in an autonomous way. 

    Why focusing on education?

    Education is key to prevent all disasters happening in the world. Being literate not only improves one's life but also enlightens one's mind and develops one's critical thinking. Moreover, education leads the way to better living conditions and enables one to climb the social ladder. Education is the best tool to fight against poverty and discrimination. Democratizing education will enhance economic growth, maintain peace and security around the world. Through Betterfly, we want to make the path from illiteratcy to literatcy as easier as it can get. 

  • Our journey has begun


    Our journey will start from Morocco. During one month, we will visit some villages with or without  schools (as unbelievable as it seems in 2015 there are still some areas in the world that do not have schools). Our aim is to get closer to these children by experiencing their living conditions in order to feel their daily struggles. We want to listen to them, give them a voice. This first operation will help us  better design our solution to respond in the best way possible to their needs. 




    If you want to be a part of our journey, meet these butterflies and live their daily life for sometime you are more then welcome to join us. For more details about the journey contact us. 

    We Care About People That Share The Same BELIEFS & CONVICTIONS


    We know that many people share the same feeling, the same intuition, the same idea but more importantly the same beliefs and convictions. The conviction that eduction is the key, the conviction that education must be democratized, the conviction that education is a basic right for any person on earth no matter where she/he is born. The conviction that it is our duty to create change. The conviction that it is our duty to help them access education.


    If you recognize yourself in these words, then you are the right person to join our team.

    This an opportunity to impact our present and be an actor of the futur. Because we believe that all together we can make a better world!  

  • We want to make it GLOBAL

    Our aim is to provide a solution that can be used in any developing country regardless of the difficulty to access some rural areas and their current situation. We will make simple education accessible at the tip of your finger. 

    Easy to distribute


    No big ressources required to pursue the  Betterfly education line. 

    Simple to use


    To fulfill our challenge, we will try to meet the children's needs and make it as simple to use as possible.

    Intuitive to follow


    We believe intuitiveness is the best way to enable the children to use our platform autonomously

  • Contact Us!

    Don't hesitate to reach out. You + us = awesome. We look forward to hearing from you.